Rise of Zion Will Shake the Nations
Prophecies by Olubi Johnson

Prophecy-September 4, 2001 by Olubi Johnson

To bring the nations even to their knees, I will break the nations by political and environmental miracles and I will shake them by financial miracles that the desires of all nations shall come unto Me.

Therefore, take heed saith the lord to walk in the light, yea, to go and buy truth, yes to be established in the truth. Yes, to finish your temple and to furnish it that I may rest therein and manifest, and show forth My Glory and My Power, for I have come to Zion and Zion shall show forth and shine forth the perfection of My Beauty and all nations shall come from far and from wide, from North and from South, and from East and from West to behold My Glory, to behold My Beauty, to behold My Power; for many, many, many, many, many, many nations shall join themselves unto Me even in this day. Many that hitherto have been rebellious many that hitherto have gone their own ways and have worked iniquity. Yes, in this day and in this time they will come and they will submit themselves unto Me as they see My Glory in thee.

Therefore, saith the Lord take the things that you have heard seriously and walk in the light even as I am in the light; for I will not have you to miss the day of your visitation, for I have come to Zion in Glory and Power.

PROPHECY-September 26, 2001 by Pastor Olubi Johnson

Behold I come riding upon the clouds of My people. For I have said in My word a people: great and strong like the clouds of the morning shall arise even as this day dawns.

I come in glory, I come in power, even as the sun shines in its strength yea, I speak out of Zion’s hill, salvation unto the nations for even in this dark hour upon the earth as darkness and fear grip men and grip the nations, the only salvation will be found in Me, saith the Lord. And I will have them to look unto Me, who is the salvation of the ends of the earth, for it is only in Me that will be security in this day. For is it not written this would be the great and terrible day of the Lord? It will be great for them that know Me, for they shall be strong and they will do great exploits, but it will be terrible for those who do not know Me, for great evil is being unleashed upon the earth. But I would have you know, saith the Lord, that good will ultimately overcome evil, so even in this day shall the nations turn unto Me, yes, as my voice comes out of Zion it will shake the nations, yes the nations will tremble at My glory and at My presence for it is only in Me they will find security.

Therefore, saith the Lord, I will have you seek Me with all of your heart.

This is not the day to be careless in the Spirit; this is not the day to let things slip you by. Yea, this is not the day to let things slip you by; yea, this is not the day to let things just pass you by, but this is the time to seek Me and to seek Me with all your heart. This is the time to walk in the fullness of the revelation of My word that has been brought forth in this day and in this hour. For this is the time in which even the nations of the world will hate you and they will deliver you up to be afflicted, for you will bring forth My word of correction, a word of truth, and initially they will hate you and initially they will seek to destroy you .But as you walk with Me, even as the three Hebrew children, instead of the fire to destroy you it will only refine you and it will bring you forth as silver and as of gold and those that hated you before will come to reverence you and they will come to bow before you and say surely, surely God is in thee. And then shall many nations be joined unto Me even in this day, even the Islamic nations, even the terrorists, even those that are bringing such terror and fear they shall be converted unto Me for unto Me shall the abundance of the sea come.

But this is the time in which you must know Me, this is the time in which you must walk in the light of all that I have taught you, yea, put on the whole armour of God that you may be able to withstand this evil day and having done all to stand, stand therefore, saith the Lord.

Out of Zion’s hill, out of Zion’s hill salvation cometh, salvation, deliverance, healing, blessing, and prosperity. For from the hill of Zion shall flow forth wine and milk that will feed the nations, even the feast of fat things, wine on the lees well refined and will remove and break the veil over the nations. For out of Zion, even from beyond the rivers of Ethiopia shall light, light, light arise in this darkness and the light will go across the oceans even unto United States of America and the light will spread from there unto Europe, to England and France and Germany and it will come down unto Egypt and Morocco and all of the North African countries, it will spread across the middle East and it will spread across the Islamic nations and My light and My glory will fill the earth as the waters cover the sea.

Therefore, send forth, saith the Lord, as you see My glory rising from thee. For out of Zion’s hill indeed cometh salvation unto the ends of the earth in this day and hour.