A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 24th of December, 2023

“For it is written,” saith the Spirit, ‘And unto Me every knee will bow and unto Me every tongue will confess.’ For in the days that you are living in, there will be a manifestation of My wisdom; a manifestation of My power; a manifestation of My glory, that even the heathen will bow, and even the heathen will confess to My greatness, and to My excellence, even as the magicians of Pharaoh had to acknowledge, and had to bow, and had to say, ‘Yes! This is the finger of God!’ Men, unregenerate men, men that are not born again will come and say ‘Yes! This is the finger of God!’

“For unto Me every knee will bow; unto Me every tongue will confess, and they shall profess and they shall say, ‘The God of Israel, the God of the Christians is the true God! He is God and there is none else like Him!’ For I will show forth My wisdom, and I will show forth My power in a measure that has never been seen upon the earth before. Then shall come to pass that which is written that, ‘The glory of the latter house will be greater than the former.’ And the works Jesus did, you would do and even greater! And men will come from the north, from the south, and from the east, and from the west and they will say, ‘You are God, and there is none beside You.’