Seek Me Diligently With All Your Heart
A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson 
on 8th September, 2010

“I will draw nigh unto you for they that honour Me will I honour, saith the Spirit. “Yes, if you will seek Me and you seek Me diligently with all your heart. If knowing Me becomes the top priority of your will, your mind and your emotions and your desires. Yea, if you will draw nigh unto Me, like John did saith the Spirit, then, you will hear My heart beat. For they followed and I said what seekest thou? And they did not ask for fish, or did ask for bread, neither did they ask for things, but said, where dwelleth thou? They wanted to know where I lived; they wanted to see how I lived.”

“And when you follow Me in the same way, I will say unto you, “Come and see”. And I will reveal to you the hidden secret of My heart, yes the innermost things in Me. I will show them unto you, that which has not entered the hearts of men, which eyes has not seen neither ears heard. And I will show thee the wisdom of the ages, and I will show thee the hidden riches of the secret place, the secrets of the kingdom, the secrets of the fullness of My power, the secrets of the Spirit without measure, and you will manifest My glory and you will be a marvel, a sign and a wonder, firstly to yourself and secondly to the people around you and thirdly to all the earth.”

“For they will come from the North, from the South and from the East and unto the West to behold My glory that shall be revealed unto him and they will fall before your feet to worship Me and you will raise them up and say you can have the same, you can have the same if you will come to know God as I have come to know God, the same glory can be made manifest in you, so shall My glory spread throughout the earth. Yes, it shall go unto every tribe, tongue and kindred and men shall come and they shall take away the light, they shall take away the light that they see in you and they shall take unto the ends of the earth, yes saith the Spirit, this is your hour, I say unto you as I have said many times in the past, draw nigh unto Me and I will draw nigh unto thee.”