“This Is the Day of My Name
A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on the 21st March, 2010

“The wonderful works of a wonderful God, with a wonderful Name.

“Yes! saith the Spirit, in that Name, even the name of Jesus, before your very eyes; in this day, the blind will see, the lame will walk, the dead will be raised, even at the mention of that Name. For this is the day, this is the hour, this is the time in which I will do great wonders upon the earth. And many shall come from the North and from the South, and from the East and from the West to behold My glory as you use the key, even the Name of Jesus to open doors that hitherto had been locked and to lock the doors that hitherto had been opened. For what you open, no man will shut and what you shut, no man will open and everything you say I will back with My power and your word will not drop unto the ground.”

“Yes!” saith the Lord, “As you walk in My character, as you walk in My name, you will see that the Name will do that which I have said it will do; that at the Name of Jesus, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess to His Lordship to His supremacy, to His pre-eminence.

“Yes!” saith the Lord, “Put that Name in your heart, put that Name in your walk, put that Name upon your lips and you will speak and it shall be done, you will command and it shall happen, even before your very eyes and the eyes of men. And multitudes and multitudes and multitudes and multitudes, shall marvellously say, ‘Never so has it been in the Church.'”

“Yes! This is your finest hour, the hour of My Name, the hour of My works, the hour of My character, the hour of My glory, the hour of My love.”

Yes! saith the Lord, ‘this is the day of My Name.'”