‘The Greatness of God’

A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on the 11th of April, 2010

“The greatness of your God is unknown to the most” saith the Spirit. Even many of My children do not even know truly how great I am, But in this day, in this hour, there is coming, has come, He is coming and will yet come to My people, a great revelation of how truly great I am.”

“The greatness of My love, the greatness of My righteousness, the greatness of My justice, the greatness of My wisdom, the greatness of My power; even the length, the breadth, the height and the depth will be known, revealed to the hearts of men. They will proclaim it, they will teach and prophesy it. And the ends of the earth, even the heathen that do not know Me will come and they will sing and bow as they marvel at the greatness of your God.”

“Yes!” saith the Lord, “Humble yourself, walk with Me and I will exalt you, to sit with Me in heavenly places, in the places where the revelation of My greatness resides. No longer will you see things from an earthly perspective, you will see everything in the light of My greatness, no longer will your mountains and giants intimidate you, for from My perspective and from My throne and, in the light of My greatness, your mountains and giants are nothing, even your problems and fears are nothing.”

“Ah! Is it not written that ‘He that sitteth in the heaven shall laugh?’ I laugh when the heathen rages and the people imagine a vain thing and take counsel against the Lord and His anointed. I laugh because, I know how great I am; I laugh because they do not know how great I am, for you are men and are less than nothing I hold the waters of the earth in the palm of My hand and I have comprehended the dust of earth in a measure.”

“Yes!” saith the Lord, “Come up hither, humble yourself, draw nigh unto Me, and I will draw nigh unto you and I will show you, how great I am and then you will show men, how great I am, truly.”