“The Glory Cometh”
A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 17th March, 2010

“I hear the word of the Lord come to me saying, “Son of man speak to these people and say thou unto them, ‘The day of My glory has come upon you.'”

“Yes! The fire of My glory cometh now, even unto My church. A fire that will burn up the wood, the hay and the stubble and the same fire, saith the Spirit will refine the silver and the gold. The day will shine forth and show forth My glory, even in this day and in this hour.”

“Therefore,” saith the Spirit, “Yes! even as you have been told today, align yourself with My will, align yourself with My purpose; that which is uppermost in My heart, let it be uppermost in your heart, that which is My desire, that which is My pleasure, that which is My ambition, let the same be your desire and let the same be your pleasure. For as you do this, and as you come into My Word, My Spirit will reveal unto you My thoughts; for My thoughts will become your thoughts, and My desires will become your desires and My ways will become your ways and therefore you will be positioned.”

“Yes! You will be ready for this glory and for this fire that is about to hit My Church and also to hit this planet and to hit the earth. For men have not yet seen, yes it has not come into their minds, neither have they imagined that which I have prepared for you that love Me, even in this third day.”

“Therefore,” saith the Spirit, “Yes! Arise, arise, arise! Take hold of My Word, take hold of My blood, take hold of My Spirit and use them for the purposes for which I have given them: to perfect My love in you and to call you to grow up into Jesus in all things. And this is not just for a few special ones it is for anyone. If any man shall purge himself from these that man shall become a vessel of honour. It is for anyone that has the heart, anyone that has a desire, anyone that has a will to do My will.

“Arise, arise, arise, arise with My Word, with My blood, and with My Spirit and prepare yourself, for the glory cometh.”