A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi on the 24th March, 2013

“I hear the word of the Lord come to Me; ‘He that sits in the heaven shall laugh and hold them in great derision.’ For they have said: ‘We shall put asunder the bands of the Lord and His anointed.’ But thus saith the Lord, ‘The hour is coming and now is when not only will My church stand in awe of Me, but the whole earth will stand in awe of Me! For I will arise in My glory, in My power, and in My majesty .Yes! Greater than I did in the time of Moses; greater than I did in the time of Elisha. Yes! Even greater than I did in the time of Jesus, and all the earth shall see it together, and they will stand in awe of Me. Yes! As it is written:  ‘Unto Me every knee will bow and every tongue will confess; to the excellencies of My wisdom, the greatness of My power, My glory and they will know themselves to be but men,’ saith the Spirit. “Yes! Yes! Let Me rise in you! Oh! Give Me space that the earth may stand in awe of Me once again as they did in days of old,” saith the Spirit.