A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi

“The hour is coming and even now is when the glory of the risen Lord will be made manifest in the earth. And as it is written by the prophets; ‘All flesh indeed shall see it together.’ For the time has come wherein and in which I will show forth My glory and all the earth shall see it, and men shall come and they shall bow and say: ‘Surely, surely God is in thee and there is none other.’ And all oppositions of science falsely so called shall be discarded, and their folly shall be made known unto all men, as men will come to see Me in all of My glory, in all of My wisdom, even the wisdom that will exceed the wisdom of the principalities and powers in the heavenly places that I will make manifest through My church.”

“Therefore, I say unto thee; ‘Come up hither. Stay no longer, live no longer on the earth. Be not earth bound but be heavenly minded, and come up and sit with Me even in the heavenly places at right hand of the Father. And the secrets of the universe, the secrets of hidden treasure, will be made known and be revealed unto you.’ For thus saith the Lord, ‘There are many, many, many that still see through the glass darkly. But I have called you in this hour to become men that will see clearly. And You will see all things. You will see as I see. You will see with the light of My revelation and you will understand all things; for I will reveal them unto you, and I will show them unto you, and I will manifest them unto you! Walk no more in darkness, walk no more in ignorance, but let your understanding be enlightened with the light of My life.”

“Yes! As you begin to walk in the power of the Spirit without measure, yes! light without measure will begin to shine upon your mind, and shine upon your will, and shine upon your emotions, and shine in and through your body; and men will testify and say; ‘I see a glow on thee, and I see a glory on thee!’ They shall actually see it,” saith the Lord, “and they will see the light that is upon thee, and they will come and they will say: ‘What is that that is upon thee?’ And you will turn them to me, and you will say; ‘It is the glory of our King!’ And you will say, ‘You can have the same, for He died for all men and not for me alone.’ And then shall men be drawn, they shall be drawn by My Spirit to the excellencies of that glory.”

“Therefore, therefore, stop living on the earth. Come up hither! Come up hither! Come up hither unto the throne of light,” saith the Spirit.