Trumpets of Tabernacles in Nigeria

A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on the 4th of October, 2005

Lift up your voice like a trumpet and sound an alarm in My holy temple and declare unto My people that the great and the terrible day of the Lord cometh and is even upon you  in this season of the feast of tabernacles.


Yea, a great day for those that have walked in My word, who have kept the word of My patience and the word of My love and a terrible day for those that have dealt in covetousness and in spiritual slothfulness and rebellion.


For this is the day of distinction, the day in which you will know he that serveth God and he that serveth Him not. For the day of My glory, the day of My power, the day of My judgement even the day of My mercy is at hand. Mercy upon the wheat and judgement upon the tare.


Yea, the day is not coming, saith the Lord, the season, the day and the time is upon you. And therefore, I will have thee continue to seek Me with all of your heart, yea, as you pray, My will, My dominion will be made manifest upon the land. You will see My dominion upon the president, you will see it upon the legislature, you will see it upon the Executive, you will see it upon the Judiciary, you will see it upon the people of the land. For the mentality of the people will begin to turn unto righteousness. For as you speak My word, as you declare My glory, yea, even by the sword of the Spirit which is in your mouth, you will show forth My glory and you will teach the senators wisdom and you will bind the princes at your pleasure and the inhabitants of this land even beyond the rivers of Ethiopia will learn righteousness; for My glory shall be made manifest even through you as you pray and as you walk in the Spirit and as you walk in love.


Yea, it will be a great day; for a great day is dawning upon My Church in this land. A great day has come upon you in this place and even in this house.


Therefore, continue to press on in Him even in this season of seeking My face. Stay before Me, stay upon your face in love and humility and I will do this great work of which you have asked, yea, this work of love and grace. I will accomplish it through you in this land and great shall be the glory thereof and great shall be the fame thereof and men shall come from the North, from the South and from East and from the West. They will come to see that which I have done even in this land from beyond the rivers of Ethiopia and it shall be a sign and it shall be a wonder and it shall be a marvel for this is the day of My glory. Saith the Lord