Excerpts from Wonderful Name of Jesus by E. W. KENYON

I believe the hour has come when large companies of believers will live this simple life of Faith; live it unconsciously, live it daily – they will live in this upper realm where they will see in the Name of Jesus the fullness of the authority and power that was in Christ when He walked on earth.

We are now in the babyhood stage: we are trying to have faith: we are trying to believe: and we meet together in our services, each one urging the other to do, what he does not do himself.

It would seem in many cases that we are practising a game of bluff.

Are we using Scriptural expressions and high sounding phrases that have no meaning to our inner consciousness?

Thank God there are some who are coming to see this new light, which will only come by intensive study and actually thinking through on this problem.

Too many of us are listening to preachers, always listening and never digesting or doing any original thinking, we are what Jesus called ‘hearers of the Word and not doers.”

The instant a man or woman thinks through on this problem, that moment he rises into the realm of Life in Christ – he actually begins to reign in the realm of Life.

Then he is able to meet demons and diseases on their own plane and conquer them; able to enjoy the fruits of the Finished Work of Christ and enters into the riches of His inheritance.

New Land Ahead

Oh, that our eyes were open; that our souls would dare rise into the realm of Omnipotence where the Name would mean to us all that the Father has invested in it; that we would act up to our high privileges in Christ Jesus.

This is practically an unexplored tableland in Christian experience.

Here and there, some of us have authority vested in the Name of Jesus.

We have seen the lame walk, the deaf hear, the blind see; those on the verge of death brought back instantly to health and vigor; but so far none of us have been able to take a permanent place in our privileges and abide where we may enjoy the fullness of this mighty power.

But we have a conviction that before the Lord Jesus returns, there will be a mighty army of believers who will learn the secret of living in the Name, of reigning in life, living the victorious, transcendant, resurrection life of the Son of God among men.