Walking in the Realm of the Miraculous
Dr Kenneth E. Hagin, a powerful man of God, gave forth a prophetic message in a service held in Houston Texas, in 1979;

The end is not yet. Yes, the Lord cometh. But in these days there is coming a mighty move of the Spirit of God. You are only in the edge of it. You’ve touched the realm of the miraculous.

Every believer has touched the realm of the miraculous.

You touched the realm of the miraculous when you were born again. Your spirit, your inward man, your inner man, became a new man instantly in Christ Jesus – a new creature – old things have passed away and all things became new; you touched the realm of the miraculous and that’s as far as some have ever gone.

Others have entered into the holy pages of the Holy Writ of the Father God. They’ve seen that they could be empowered with the Spirit from on high. They entered into a further realm of the miraculous and were filled with the Holy Ghost and began to speak with a new tongue and in an heavenly language.

Yea, their hearts did thrill and their spirits were glad, but ‘er the cares of life crept in, instead of staying in the world and renewing their minds with the Word and staying, as the Scriptures instruct, “filled with the Spirit”, they only touched the realm of the miraculous.

Occasionally in prayer and in the hour of great need – of emergency- they would enter into that realm. The Spirit of God will minister unto them and sometimes minister through them. Then they would slip back into the natural.

But some renewed their minds with the Word. They began to see that the manifestation of the Spirit were for them. They dedicated themselves and consecrated themselves and separated themselves from the carnal, from the natural, so that they could be holy vessels meet for the Master’s use. They stayed further into the realm of the miraculous.

There has been and there is now a revival – a reviving – a renewal as some would call it; a move down through the years. In these days, the manifestation of the Spirit – the power of God in manifestation – has touched all people of all churches but the end is not yet. For you’ve only stepped into the waters that the prophet of the Old Testament prophesied about.

You’ve stepped in knee deep. He prophesied that they would walk on out until the waters would be up to their loins, and walk on out even further; water being a type of the Spirit of God.

Not only in these days will all of the gifts that have been in manifestation to some extent be in further manifestation, but the ministry gifts also will be in manifestation. Men will stand in the office of the prophet in the full measure, not just in partial measure – as I have, as some have – but in the full measure. And men shall rejoice.

At the same time evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse. Those that are deceived and desire not the truth but rather love darkness shall become darker still. Many will look into the world and say “Satan and his works are abounding”.

Their eyes will be closed to what God is doing. But he will prepare Himself a body. Yea, a body of believers who will rise up strong in faith and do exploits.

He is raising up and will raise up what those in the natural vernacular call “a new breed”. They will not be inhibited by the traditions of the past, nor shall they be downcast because of the negativism of the past, nor shall they be circumscribed and hindered and held in because of the thinking of men.

But knowing their rights and privileges in Christ they shall rise up with the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and it shall be said of them as it was of those in the New Testament: “They that have turned the world upside down are come hither also”.

So prepare ye the way of the Lord, for the Lord cometh. But occupy till He comes!