Greatest Hour in History
A prophecy given by Jeanne Wilkerson on the 2nd March, 1980

The Spirit is saying,

You are standing on the brink of the greatest hour in the history of the world.

You are going to tap into Divine hearings of the Almighty Council of God Himself.

He is going to open the spirits of men until they will be able to sit in those council rooms.

They will hear what will be the answer to national, international problems. Yea, this generation has drained the minds, and hearts and spirits of men with hell’s onslaught, hell’s problem.

Oh! The Spirit of the Living God is going to literally unveil before your very eyes the Answers, the Keys that He spoke of, the Keys of death and hell.

Again they are going to be brought into play and operation. You are going to see hell tremble again under the mighty impact of the Power of a Living God.

The secret of His Glory and His Presence that men have not yet been able to comprehend or see in its fullest.

Power, is going to be released in just a short period of time. And so, I am preparing some vessels who will be spearheads of this. They will go into areas untouched heretofore. By the Spirit of the Living God they will go.

They will know exactly how and when to move; They will know exactly whom to approach, and how to approach. They will be given wisdom that will excel. For you remember your competitor was the one spoken of as summing up the sum of wisdom.

But ah! You have been exalted back into the high estate from which you fell; Far above principalities and powers, and the rulers of the darkness of this world. Now is the hour of the unveiling saith the Spirit of the Lord.