The Coming Glory
Prophecy by Olubi Johnson given on Sunday 5th October 2003

Draw nigh unto Me and I will draw nigh unto you, saith the Lord; for your worship has come unto Me as a sweet smelling savor even unto My throne, and I have imbibed of that sweet savor and I will have thee know, saith the Lord, that they that wait upon Me shall not be disappointed.



For the earth is yet to see and will see even in this hour; for the time has come and even now is in which My glory will be displayed by those who lay their all at My feet.



A glory that is like the glory that was manifested in the first Son even Jesus. A glory that will turn water to wine, a glory that will raise the dead, a glory that will feed the multitude, a glory that will reveal the hidden treasures of secret places, a glory that will make the nations bow, a glory that will make kings arise, a glory that will bring peace on earth, Yes! A glory such has never been seen hitherto neither shall be seen hereafter. For it is the final display of My glory that will cover the earth as waters cover the sea.



Therefore draw nigh unto Me, I say again and I will draw near unto thee; for I see your hearts, I see your consecration, I see your dedication and I say unto you, saith the Lord, continue and increase even more and more and My glory will enable you, My glory will astound you, My mercy will embrace you and I will preserve you, saith the Lord