Call to Friendship with God
Prophecy by Olubi Johnson given on Sunday 8th February 2004

For I have called you friends saith the Lord.


For even the deep things of God. My plan and My purpose that which I have ordained in My heart even before eternity even these things have I revealed and shown forth in My Word I have made available to you right now by My Spirit.


Oh saith the Lord! How I long for the fellowship of My children; yea for the fellowship of My sons even those that will come from childhood into maturity so that no longer will you see through a glass darkly; no longer will I speak to you in riddles and in parables but I will speak to you face to face and I will show you plainly that which is My will, that which is My purpose, that which is My plan.


Therefore, seek Me with all of your heart; seek Me in prayer; seek Me in My love; seek Me in My Word; seek Me and you will find Me and I will unveil unto you and I will unfold unto you the hidden treasures that are in My Word. I will unveil and I will unfold unto you the deep things of God which have not entered into the hearts of men, neither have men’s eyes seen, neither have their ears heard; but I will show great and mighty things that you know not and you will be a marvel to your generation. You will be a marvel unto this age and unto this time for men will see and will recognize that even I live in thee, that even I reign in thee. I reign in thee and they will come and they will acknowledge and they will bow and they will say surely God dwelleth in thee.


Therefore, saith the Lord, be a friend indeed. Seek Me, for he that has friends must show himself friendly, therefore, seek Me, seek Me.


Draw nigh unto Me and I will draw nigh unto thee, saith the Lord.