Stay in My Fear and My Love
Prophecy by Olubi Johnson given on Sunday 26th October 2003

Eye hath not seen, ear hath not heard neither has it even entered into the hearts of men the things, which I have prepared for those that love Me. As you exercise yourself in My fear and as you exercise yourself in My love and even as that love becomes perfected, developed and matured in you then will I begin to unveil the hidden treasures of secret places. That which men have not even fathomed; that which people had thought was totally impossible; even such will I bring forth in this hour through those that love Me.


Therefore I will say unto you saith the Lord, stay before Me, seek My face, ascend unto My holy hill with the clean hands and with pure hearts and your diligence will be rewarded. For I am not a God who is a far off; I am not a God who causes your hope to be disappointed, but even in this hour, even in this time, even in this place will great things come forth that you know not.


Yea, I will show you great and wonderful things that you have not even fathomed or thought of. I will have you know saith your God that indeed I am that I am. I am able to do exceedingly abundantly above what you can ask or think. Stay in My fear and stay in My love for great is the reward thereof.