Raising Kings to Enforce God’s Dominion
Prophecy by Olubi Johnson given on Wednesday May 5, 2004

Say now unto these people, “For when there was no king in the land every man did that which was right in his sight. But in this day I will raise even now kings and princes in My Church. For where the word of the king is there will be power that will carry My glory and manifest the same in a measure that has never yet been seen by man and as they speak I will confirm it and as they think I will perform it.

Yes! These are the days of My dominion upon the earth; a dominion that will be enforced by the force of spiritual arms through the spirit of kings and of princes that I raise up in this hour.

A day of glory, a day of power, a day of fire, a day of judgement, a day of separation; a time and a season in which My will that is in heaven will be enforced upon the earth”.

“Therefore”, thus saith the Lord, “take heed unto thy self and take heed unto the doctrine that thou has been taught and been instructed. Be not slothful, but followers of those who through faith and patience will inherit My glory.

In this day and in this hour I would have thee know that the days in which every man did which is right in his own eyes in My house is over for the kings are arising in My glory”, Saith the Lord.

“As they walk with Me, as they think My thoughts, speak My word and do My deeds. My power, My glory, My wisdom, My Majesty will be made manifested in the earth and all of the world shall see it together and they will come and bow themselves down and submit and be subdued unto My will and unto My purpose. And then shall be brought to pass the saying that the powers of the age to come are tasted even in this day, in this age and in this time. The powers of the millennial reign would be brought to bear upon nations, cities, communities and even villages.

My glory, My righteousness, My goodness, My mercy would be brought to bear upon the hearts, upon the lives and upon the circumstances of many; and as many that will yield, as many that will submit themselves will be joined unto Me in this day.

Yea; nations that are now barren, nations that are now closed, nations that are now recalcitrant, nations that are now contentious, nations that are now in rebellion against My purpose will be opened, and will submit themselves.

This gospel of My dominion will be preached and demonstrated unto every tribe, unto every tongue and unto every kindred and then the end shall come. Saith the Lord.