Season of Tabernacles
A Prophecy by Olubi Johnson given on the 15th Sept. 2004.

For, thus saith the Lord My spirit is upon thee And My words that I have put in your mouth shall not depart out of it. But as you speak My word and as you stay in the word and as you stay close to My Spirit and as you stay close even unto the Spirit of grace, then my life and My word will begin to do a work inside, a work inside that you, yourself will acknowledge. That you yourself will come to see and you will turn around and say, is it really me ? And you will see great changes from inside-out.


Therefore, saith the spirit of God, walk with me, put your hand in my hand, give me your tongue, let your tongue be like the pen of a ready writer. And as you speak my word, I will write my laws upon your heart, and I will write them in your mind, and I will cause you to bring forth fruits.


Areas that have been stony, areas that have been barren, areas that have not brought forth fruits hitherto will become fruitful, saith the lord.



Therefore, stay with me for I am ushering you into a new season. A season of fruitfulness, a season of blessing, a season of glory, a season of power.




For thus saith the Lord, you will not be the same. In fact, you cannot be the same because of what I do even in this hour. For this is my time, time of my glory, the time of my showing, the time of my goodness.



Therefore you cannot be the same, for the spiritual climate is changing. Things are changing just as the seasons change from autumn to winter, to spring and to summer even so the move of my Spirit is changing so you cannot be the same.



Therefore, you will change and you will change, and you will change, and you will change, and you will change. For I am turning the hearts of men by the power of my Spirit and by the power of my word and I am changing that which was a larva and that which was a cocoon and I am bringing out the beauty of the butterfly.



Therefore you cannot be the same saith the spirit of God.