I Return in You Now

A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on the 15th of April, 2007

Behold your King, saith the Lord. Let your eyes be turned upwards and see Me enthroned in My glory and in My majesty. As I return in a people, a glorious church that will wield My power, a battle axe in My arms that will subdue the nations even in this hour, saith the Lord.


I will have the eyes of your understanding flooded with light that thou mayest know the time and the season in which you live, that thou mayest arise indeed with the Name that is above every name and rule and reign with victory-sure. For I return in judgement and to war; for have I not said in My Word that the kingdom of God suffereth violence and the violent taketh it by force.


This is not a time of peace but a time of war, not war after the flesh, but war after the Spirit, war using the weapons of the blood, of the Word and of My Spirit to subdue and to conquer the carnal mind, to conquer the flesh, to conquer the power in the air that I may reign indeed, that men will see the manifestation of My power and of My glory.


This is the hour and this is the time, saith the Spirit, that My glory will return and as you speak a word, it will be done immediately, as you make a decree, it will be executed immediately and men shall see it and men shall marvel and men shall wonder and men shall bow and men shall acknowledge and say ‘surely God is in thee’.


I return in you now, saith the Spirit.