Be Believing Now in This Hour

A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on the 22nd April, 2007

For is it not written and has it not been said, from beyond the rivers of Ethiopia , My worshippers should bring forth My offering? Because of you and through you the glory that shall be revealed shall cause the whole earth to sing in praise of My name.


The glory that I shall reveal in this hour, in this time and in this place and in you and through you shall bring Me praise in all the earth and men shall wonder and they shall shake their heads and they shall say, is it not that place of darkness? Is it not that continent of darkness? Is it not that place of reproach? And even that reproach, I will turn before your very eyes, saith the Lord, and I will get Me praise and fame in all of the earth; for your lives shall bring praise unto Me. As I show forth My glory, as I show forth My wisdom, as I show forth My power, as I show forth My riches , as has never been seen in the earth before.


Be not faithless, but believing, saith the Lord. For there are those who say in their hearts “Yea, I have heard it, “I have heard it and the time is afar off”. Thus saith the Lord, the time is not afar off, but the time is now, the day is now. The time has come for the glory to be shown forth and for praise to rise in the earth on My behalf through you, saith the Lord.


Therefore, be thou diligent, be thou diligent, watch and pray that you may be accounted worthy that My glory might be revealed through you in this hour and men shall see and men shall marvel and men shall say, surely, God is in thee and they will bring praise, and they will bring honour, and they will bring gifts. Yes! They will come from the North, They will come from the East, They will come from the West, They will come from the South, and they will bring glory to My house and they will acknowledge that I am the God, besides, whom there is none else.


As you praise, as you worship, as you live for Me, as you walk in love, My glory will come forth like a tidal wave and it shall fill all the earth. For the earth shall be filled with My glory as the waters cover the sea.


Say not in your heart, the time is afar off; for I am not tarrying, saith the Lord, I wait upon thee to hasten the day, to finish your house, to walk in My truth, to perfect My love. Say not in your heart, the time is afar off. For, saith the Lord, it is nearer, it is nearer than you will even dare to think; for it will be sudden. In an hour and a time you think not, all I will say to you, saith the Spirit,  is be ready, be ready, watch and pray that that day catch you not unawares, for I will come.


Yea, I come in glory, I come in power, even many, many will be so full of joy and they will be full of bewilderment and wonder, for they will not believe that which they see, but they will see it and they will say ‘ah, ah, so it really came as they said.’


Therefore, be not faithless, but be believing in this hour. Saith the Lord, do not be like Thomas of old, who only believed when he saw, but be like John who saw the linen clothes lying together and he believed before he saw. Be like John, be not like Thomas; for there is a glory that awaits the Johns of this hour. Their ears will be upon My breast and they will¬¨‚Ćhear My heartbeat and they will hear that which I say in the closet that other disciples may not hear. Be a John so that I will whisper unto thee in the night seasons that which is the counsel of My heart and men will say where did you hear that from? How did you know that? And you will say ‘I dwell in the secret place of the Most High, I abide under the shadow of the Almighty and I sit in the counsel of God; even in the heavenly places with Christ this is¬¨‚Ćwhere I heard Him and so¬¨‚Ćit is from heaven I speak into the earth.


Therefore, be like John, be not faithless, I say again, saith the Spirit, but be believing.