THE EARTH WILL DECLARE MY GLORY”                       

A Prophecy given by Pastor Olubi on 12th May, 2013

The word of the Lord came unto me saying: “I thank you for your worship for it is indeed come up to Me as you have sung ‘All Heavens Declare’. But I say unto you,” saith the Spirit, “that the time has come when the earth also will declare. The earth will declare the glory of the risen Lord, and all men from the east to the west and from the north to the south shall see My glory. For as it is written in the prophets; ‘All flesh shall see it together,’ and unto Me every tongue will acknowledge that I am God and there is none beside Me. They will acknowledge and they will come to thee and say; ‘Yes, we have heard that God is in thee.’ “Yes!” saith the Spirit, “as the heavens have declared, so now the earth will also declare the glory of the risen Lord.”

“Therefore, take your place,”saith the Spirit, “walk with Me. Is it not written: ‘Draw nigh unto Me and I will draw nigh unto you?’ I am only as close to you as you allow Me. If you will draw nigh unto Me, if you will take heed to the word that has been given to you, I will draw nigh unto you, and you will become My friend like Abraham, and I will tell you what I am doing on the earth, and I will showforth My glory through you, so that not only will the heavens declare but the earth also will declare the glory of the risen Lord,” saith the Spirit.