I Put You Above All

A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on the 5th April, 2009.

‚Äö?Ñ??I am still thinking about you and I thank you for the worship, the adoration that has come up to Me, even more and more as I heard you singing. And I look upon your hearts and I begin to see the travail of My soul and I will begin to be satisfied. But I would have you come up hither,‚Äö?Ñ?? saith the Lord, ‚Äö?Ñ??for this is the day and this is the time that men will see all the great things you have sung about, all the great things you are rejoicing about. It will no longer be just a historical fact, but it will become present day reality.‚Äö?Ñ??
‚Äö?Ñ??Above all kingdoms, above all the ways of men; above all treasures of the earth, I put you above all of them and I suffered and I died and I rose again not in vain, but that you might enjoy all these things; that you might show forth the wonders of My Person, that you might show forth the gloriousness of My character, that you might show forth the greatness of My power, the excellence of My wisdom; that men will see Christ in you, the hope of glory and all flesh will see it together.‚Äö?Ñ??
‚Äö?Ñ??Yes! Saith the Lord, Make My joy complete, let me see on the earth, a people, a group, a company that will show forth the excellencies of My glory, that I will see the travail of My soul and indeed be satisfied.‚Äö?Ñ?