I Call You Up
A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on the 15th March, 2009
“I stand poised, even now to show you off as My friends.”

“For a servant knows not what his master doeth, but a friend does. And so, I open to you the mysteries that had been hidden for ages. I unseal the seals upon the Word that has been sealed unto such a time as this. And I will bring forth the treasures of My will, of My counsel, of My wisdom, of My power and of My glory. And I will do it because you are My friends.”

“You are My friends and I will show that which has been in the Divine mind, even from eternity. Even from before the foundations of the earth were laid, have I purposed these things and the day of their showing is now.”

“This generation, saith the Lord, has never known Me by My name, ‚’?I am that I am‚’ and as I showed forth Myself unto Pharaoh and unto his generation., as I brought judgment upon the gods of Egypt, even now in this hour, I will show forth Myself to the people on the earth in this hour, that ‘I am that I am!’ And I will bring judgment upon their gods of this time; even the gods of covetousness, and the gods of violence, and the gods of greed, and the gods that have dominated the earth so far.”

“Yes! Through My friends, I will come to show men that, ‘I am that I am’, the Mighty God, the Creator of heavens and the earth.”

“Therefore, as friends, I call you up. Stay close to Me, spend time with Me; for he that hath friends, must show himself friendly. So, show yourself friendly to Me and I will show you great and mighty things that you know not and show through you to the world, that indeed I am that I am is still the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob.”

“Men shall see it and they will give reverence and honour and glory to the name; I am that I am.”