A Prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 18th January, 2012

“As I said to your father, Abraham, “Walk thou before me and be upright!” Yea! as you walk before Me and are upright and with an honest heart, I will order My truth before your eyes, and you will see in My heart the reality of that which I have said in My word. And then I will show you My salvation, even the fullness thereof, spirit, soul and body; the fullness of my wisdom, the fullness of My power and the fullness of My glory.”

“Yes! Walk before Me uprightly. Yes! Let your heart be always truthful! Let your heart be always honest and you will see My mercy and you will see My grace coming unto you. And with that grace and mercy will come light, will come life, will come truth, will come victory! Walk thou before Me and stay upright,” saith the Spirit.