A Prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 12th of February, 2012

“Truly,” saith the Spirit, “I call you no longer servants but I call you friends. For even the desire of My heart, that which I have purposed in Myself before the foundation of the world, I am laying bare to you. No longer do I speak to you in parables but I speak to you plainly. Yes! And I show you My plan, I show you My will and I show you My purpose that you might walk in the same with Me hand in hand, even as your father Abraham walked with Me; even as your father Enoch walked with Me; even as your father Joshua walked with Me; even as your father David walked with Me.

I call you,” saith the Spirit,   “to walk with Me and work out that which I am working in you. Yes! That all the earth may see what it is that will be done for the man whom the Lord will honour. Yes! I will show you My glory, I will show you My wisdom, I will show you My power and I will show you My wealth that the nations of the earth will come and they will bow before thee in chains and declare, “Surely God is in thee!” This is My hour! This is My time! This is My purpose!”

“Therefore,” I say unto thee, “Come! Sit at the table and sup with Me and We will share wisdom, and We will share knowledge, and We will share understanding, and We will share power, and We will share glory in the heavens sitting with Me and you will show it to men here upon the earth, and they will see My glory and they will come. Yes! They will come to Zion and say, “We will go to the house of God of Jacob and He will teach us of His ways.” Yes! This is your hour,” saith the Lord! “Come! Come! Come! Sit and sup with Me! For I now call you friends,”saith the Spirit.