A Prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 27th of January, 2013

“For the word has gone out of My mouth and it will not return void; that unto Me shall every knee bow and every tongue confess that indeed I am Lord and God! Awesomeness! Awesomeness! As I spoke in times past unto Moses and said: “Go unto Pharaoh and when he shall ask, ‘Who Am I?’ ‘You will say,’ I Am that I Am.”

“Even now in this day will I be revealed again in the earth as The Awesome God! For, Yes! My miracles and My power and My glory that hitherto has not been made manifest, will now be made manifest. And men shall see, and all tongues shall cease. Yes! As I arise in My holy temple, all the earth will be silent, and they will be still in the presence of My awesomeness. For the day of My glory, the day of My manifestation, the day of My awesomeness is upon you,” saith the Lord.

“I will begin in the church; even My people will come to fear Me, and they will come to reverence Me round about even as they should. For they will see My power, My awesome majesty, My justice, My righteousness, My love, My kindness. Yes! They will come and sanctify Me truly in their hearts, truly in their lives, truly in their songs! It will be from the heart, and no longer from the head,”saith the Spirit. “For the day of My awesomeness, the day that My awesomeness will be revealed is upon you,” saith the Lord. “It will no longer just be a song, it will now become a reality, for you will see Me as the awesome God,” saith the Lord.