The Fall of Saul and the Rise of David
Prophecy by Olubi Johnson on the 20th February, 2002

The fall of Saul and the rise of David: cutting off three shepherds in one month


For thus saith the Lord, I will have you know saith your God that I am the God that watches over My word to perform it and even if it looks as if there has been a delay and even if it looks as though I am waiting for a while, I will have you know that I do not tarry.


I will have you know that I am watching actively over My word to perform it. And I speak even now as it concerns your nation Nigeria and I speak even now as it concerns My Church even the first fruits of the manifestation of the sons of God, from beyond the rivers of Ethiopia. For before the pots can feel thorns, yea before even the pots of holiness in mount Zion and in Jerusalem will feel the thorns of persecution, the thorns of civil unrest, and the thorns of political and spiritual turmoil, My judgment will fall. It will fall first upon the church, for three shepherds will be cut off in one month: and I will make a way by removing the house of Saul even the sons of Saul. I will remove them that there may emerge a David even in this hour whom I will anoint and I will raise up a dynasty of David and men will come and men will see My glory. For My glory shall be revealed and all flesh shall see it together. I will remove the house of Saul, for three shepherds shall be cut off in one month. And I will raise unto you even now the dynasty of David. Kings like David, men after My own heart that will do My will. And even as they begin to do My will and as they begin to reveal My will they will be an earthquake.


Yes! They will be a shaking in the church for I will come even like fire to My church. I will cause a reformation of My church. I will scatter and of some of that which I have scattered I will gather back. I will take living stones even those that have made themselves a rock, those that by revelation have come to know Me and are coming to know Me by experience and so have made themselves living stones. Even they will I gather together and I will fit together, build upon the foundation of the apostles and the prophets and I will raise Me a new temple. Yes! I will raise Me a glorious house and all flesh shall come to see it. Yes! I will raise up this house in Zion upon the top of the mountains and all men from all over the world shall come. They shall come from the North and they shall come from the East and they shall come from the West and they shall come from the South and they shall come to hear the word of the Lord that comes out of Zion and they will walk in the light of My truth.


For in this day saith the Lord I have a great army out there even many that have not even yet been born again as of this time. Yes! Many that are not of this fold shall be brought in and they shall be taught and they shall be instructed and they shall walk in the light and they will form a great and mighty army that will march through the entire earth with My glory and with My word and will declare My word and My glory unto the nations.


Yea, saith the Lord My kingdom is coming and My will shall be done in the earth even as it is in heaven.

Therefore, I will have thee, saith your God, take heed unto yourself. I will have thee walk in the light of that which has been shown, that which has been revealed and be not weary in well doing for even now the day is dawning. And as the day dawns My glory will manifest even as surely as sun rises will I appear in you and I will appear in glory, I will appear in wisdom, I will appear in revelation, I will appear in prosperity, I will appear in wisdom even in the knowledge of witty inventions. For you have not seen anything yet of the glory that I have in store for this third day.


Therefore, be thou faithful, turn not to the left, turn not to the right, be not distracted, be not envious at the wicked for a short while, they shall be no more. Be not envious at them who prosper by wicked means and schemes but continue along the narrow path, continue along the way of life; for as you continue in the way of life, you will walk even as Jesus walked, you will see as Jesus saw, you will talk as Jesus talked and men shall see and behold My glory in thee saith the Lord