A prophecy given on the 7th of November, 2012

The word of the Lord has come to Me, saying,: “Son of man speak, ye! Speak My word and speak My vision, and speak My purpose to these people, and into the air, and into this generation. And say thou unto them: “Behold the Son of man cometh! The Bridegroom cometh!  And He cometh with vengeance and He cometh with power, and He cometh with glory, and He cometh with light. Yea!” saith the Spirit, “My glory is upon you, My glory is about to break upon you” saith the Lord.

“Therefore! Continue! Continue in the Word! Continue in prayer! Yes, watch and pray always! Stay ready for the outpouring of My vengeance, that when it comes, you shall stand when He appears. Yes! When it comes like a refining fire, it will refine you; it will not destroy you, for you yourself will be a part of that fire. Yes! Let the fire of My glory burn within your heart, let it burn within your heart, as you pray and as you seek Me” saith the Lord. For behold the Bridegroom cometh! Yea! This is the call of the hour; the  Bridegroom cometh, and  be you ready to meet Him, for he comes with vengeance,  and He  also comes with recompense, and He also comes with glory,  for this is the hour of His appearing,” saith the Lord.