A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on the 28th of Oct, 2012

 “I Am that I Am! Once again, that name will reverberate through the earth as it reverberated in Egypt in times of old through My servant Moses. Even now again, I am revealing and I will reveal Myself to My church firstly, and then to the world as the holy God. And men will stand in the wholesomeness of My purity, in the excellency of My wisdom and the majesty of My power. I Am that I Am! I will reveal Myself again, yea! I will be risen out of My holy temple and all the earth will be still, as they behold My glory and the wonders of I Am. For I am not a man that I should lie neither the son of man that I should repent.”

“For I Am that I Am. I Am that I Am! Yea! The world passeth away and lust thereof, but I Am that I Am. Come near! Come up hither! Approach Me! Be not afraid! For I seek them that will worship Me in Spirit and in truth. And as you move further in into holiness, and you move further in to My purity, and as you move further in, into My light, in which there is no darkness at all, you will begin to see Me; as I Am that I Am, and then you will take that which you see in the Holy of Holies and you will come outside with it, and men will see Me in you, and they will see Me upon you, and they will see My glory.”

“Therefore, continue,” saith the Spirit. “Press on in! Worship Me in Spirit and in truth that you may behold I Am that I Am! “