A Prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 1st of Dec, 2013

“My ways are not grievous” saith the Lord. “I have said, ‘Whatsoever is born of God,’ and you are born of Me, ‘overcometh the world,’ because you have My seed in you, My life and the power of My Spirit. I have fully equipped you and enabled you to overcome the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life. Yes!” saith the Spirit, “do that which you have been taught. Hold fast to instruction for she is thy life. Seek ye first the kingdom, the dominion of righteousness, peace and joy, and all other things will be added. This is not the day, Oh!” saith the Spirit, “this is not an hour to be careless. This is not a day, this not an hour to be negligent, this is not the day and this is not an hour to do that which seemeth good unto thee. This is the day of obedience to instruction for she is thy life. Take heed unto thyself! Take heed unto the doctrine! Seek My face for mercy and grace and you will find that My grace is sufficient and My mercy will triumph over judgement!”

“Therefore, draw nigh unto Me, I will draw nigh unto you and you will see that these things are not impossible. These commandments are not grievous that truly as I have said: ‘My yoke is easy and My burden is light,’ “saith the Spirit of God.