A Prophecy given by Pastor Olubi on 27th of November, 2013

The word of the Lord came to Me saying, “Because iniquity shall abound the love many shall wax cold. And the word of the Lord came unto me and said, ‘Say unto them: Let not your love wax cold, for it is not the iniquity that is causing the love to wax cold. It is the people who are not allowing their love to grow and to get hotter. For why is it that it is not all whose love is waxing cold? Why is it there are those whose love did not wax cold, when the love of some is waxing cold? Because the ones who walk with Me and walk in My word and perfect My love did not allow their love to wax cold, and made it hotter and hotter. And even though the iniquity was abounding, their love was getting stronger and stronger.’ ”

“You live in perilous times. You live in a time of great multiplication of iniquity; you also live in a time of great grace. You also live in a time of great revelation. Is it not written, have I not said: ‘Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God? Yes! Instead of allowing your love to wax cold, let it wax greater and greater through greatest grace, through the knowledge of My word that has been made available unto you, and you will not fall among those whose love will wax cold. For anything that is cold or lukewarm, I will spew out of My mouth in this day and in this hour. But those that allow their love to wax hotter and hotter yes! They will be My favourites ones and I will spare them in this time. Yes! I will strengthen them. Yes! I will glorify them and I will put My glory upon them and all the earth shall see, that these are the ones that are called by the name of the Lord God, and people shall be afraid of thee. Yes!” saith the Spirit, “Let not your love wax cold.” ”