Lay All Down

A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on the 27th June, 2007

You only gave back to Me that which I have given and I am not a God that holds back, saith the Lord. For I have given all things freely and liberally because I love you, because My thoughts toward you are thoughts of good and not of evil, even to bring you to an expected end. An end that I had in My heart for you even before you were born from your mother’s womb.


An end of power, an end of majesty, an end of glory, an end of dominion; for I have made you for my glory that you may be where I am, seated with Me at the right hand of God, the right hand of the power of the universe, destroying the works of the enemy showing forth mercy and grace unto the sons of men that many, many, many others may see Me in you, follow your example and become like you, that My house might be filled that I might bring many sons unto glory in this hour.


Therefore, saith the Lord, be not afraid, for I have not given you a spirit of timidity, I have not given you a spirit of fear, neither have I given you a spirit of doubt, but trust Me, lay all that you have before Me, even your father’s house and any other thing that you may hold dearly in your heart, release it; for I am in control.


Like Joseph of old, even if it looks as if you are being unjustly treated. Even if it is as if you have been put in prison unjustly, I am the One who has put you there, not man and I have put you there for a purpose and that purpose is being worked out and is being fulfilled.


Seek Me, seek My love, seek My face, seek My life, seek My Word in the middle of your tribulation, in the middle of your difficulty, in the middle of your circumstances. And as  you seek Me, as you seek My love, My life, My face, My Word in the place of prayer, in the place of walking with Me, I will do that internal and eternal work within thee and I will prepare thee for the throne, which I have prepared for thee from the foundation of the world. And you will walk in it and you will come to that place of glory, you will come to that end of authority, you will come to that end of power, you will come to that end of majesty and with the power that I gave thee and with the glory that I gave thee and with the majesty that I gave thee, yes all that you have laid down, you will get back in this lifetime a hundredfold and you will save your father’s house and you will save generations that are yet unborn and you will become a light unto many, and you will become a fountain of life unto many, and your name will be remembered by generations down the line.


Therefore, saith the Lord, lay it all down; for it is not thine, it is mine. Saith the Lord.