A Prophecy given on the 17th of April, 2016 by Pastor Olubi Johnson

“You have spoken well,”saith the Spirit, “even like My servant Job; you’ve said the truth about Me.  And truly I watch over My word to perform it. And I will demonstrate that to you as I have done in times past, even in this season, in this time and even in individual lives, you will see My mighty hand of wisdom, of power and of glory confirming My word. And that which men have thought: ‘Oh! I may never see this, Oh! it may not be in our lifetime, maybe not in this time.’ Thus, saith the Lord,” I hasten My word to perform it. I hasten the days of the coming of My glory, as you walk with Me, as you trust in Me.”

“Yes,” saith the Spirit, “I will perform that which I have spoken; as I did to Abraham and Sarah when all hope apparently was lost; as I did to Mary in time of old and she said, ‘Be it unto Me according to thy word,’ even so now,” saith the Spirit, “I will perform the promises I have given to you, yea even the promise of My life being made manifest in your mortal flesh! Say in your heart; ‘Be it unto me according to your word,’ and I will watch over that word and I will perform it in this life time according to My word. For it is not a word that is afar off,” saith the Spirit, “It is nigh thee, in thy mouth, in thy heart that thou mayest do it! And the things of which we speak are not afar off. Yea! The hour is coming and now is when every promise that has been spoken and prophesied by My servants in time of old shall be made manifest, even now!”

“Therefore, Lift up your hearts! Lift up your heads! For truly your redemption draweth nigh. I do not change; I watch over My word to perform it,” saith the Lord.