A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 2nd of December, 2015

“Just as in the days of old, when they demanded a sign; I said unto them, ‘There shall be no sign given unto this adulterous and sinful generation except the sign of Jonah,’ even today, as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the earth, and was raised after three days and three nights, even now I will raise a perfect church in this third day. And in this third day I will raise a glorious church and that church will be a sign unto this generation; a church whose light will dispel the darkness, a church to whom all the earth will come to hear the wisdom of God, a church that will turn the world upside down, even as it is written.”

“And therefore,” saith the Lord, “continually build yourself up using the word and the Spirit, and stay in expectancy, and stay ready,” saith the Spirit.  “For I come, and I will come suddenly; My glory shall be manifest suddenly and all the earth shall see it together. The ears of them that hear of the things that I will do will tingle, and great fear will come upon the earth, for I will be risen out of My holy temple, and all the earth shall be still. So, I come as I came with the sign of Jonah.  As I was raised after the third day, even so now will I raise a perfect church in this third day that shall be a sign unto this generation,” saith the Lord.