“Give Me My Place”
A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 17th February, 2010

“As you open your heart,” saith the Spirit, “as you worship in Spirit and in truth; as you give Me My pride of place, and place of honour and supremacy in your thoughts, words and deeds, I will come. For I do come,” saith the Spirit, “suddenly to My temple. And I will come in the pillar of cloud, and in the fire.”

“And many shall see, even with their physical eyes, My manifest glory and presence as I come down upon your assembly; as I come down upon your gathering together. And many will come and say, ‘Let us turn aside to see this great sight’ even as Moses turned in the time of old to see the burning bush.”

“Many shall come to see this glorious sight: the sight of My fire, the sight of My cloud, the sight of My pillars, the sight of My glory. And they will come and say, ‘Surely, God is in this place. Surely, this is the finger of God.’ And men will be healed, and men will be saved; men will be filled with My Spirit and they will speak in new tongues, even without anybody praying for them. As they behold My glory, as they come into contact with My presence and the cloud envelopes them, they will come out of the cloud saved, filled with My Spirit, speaking in an heavenly language, healed and delivered without a human touch.”

“For the day of My coming, the day of My glory is upon you. Just give Me My place; My place of pre-eminence, My place of honour, My place of supremacy, in thought, in word, in deed, in song, and I will visit you with My glory,” saith the Lord.