Days of Visitation
A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on the 23rd July 2001

Yea, these are the days in which the Lord, even the messenger of the Covenant, will come to His Church, manifest His wisdom to principalities and powers that will startle and astonish the kings of the earth, for they would never have seen it in this fashion.

Yea, these are the days in which I would have my people prepare themselves. I would have them prepare for me a habitation that I would dwell in and that I would walk in. Where they walk, I will walk; who they touch, I will touch; what they see, I will see; what they say, I will say for I will dwell them completely and totally.

These are the days; therefore it is a day in which you must not be ignorant concerning the things of the Spirit. It is not a day in which to be negligent or to be slothful concerning the things of my Spirit and the things that are written in my Word.

These are the days! Yea, these are the days to know me, to seek me with all the heart, to know me and to be strong and to do exploits.

These are the days, therefore hearken diligently to the Word that comes forth; yea, open your ears and open your heart for in this day many shall fall. In this day many in the Church shall be set aside. For many shall be destroyed for a lack of knowledge, for did I not say or is it not written in my Word that I will reject thee because thou has rejected knowledge therefore thou would not be a priest anymore to me? But I would not have that be your portion saith the Lord.

Therefore, hearken to wisdom, hearken to knowledge, open your ears to understand doctrine and walk in the way you have been taught, for these are the days of my visitation.