A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 1st of July, 2020

And the word of the Lord has come to me saying, “For as many as will draw nigh unto Me in Spirit and in truth, with an honest and a humble heart, even to them will I give life and give it to them more abundantly. For there is to be released into the earth, even now in this hour, a measure of the life of God that has never been seen since the days of your Lord. Yes! The life that will be made manifest in your mortal flesh; that will produce the power of the Spirit without measure. Yea! Power that will heal the sick; power that will cleanse the leper; power that will raise the dead instantly! Instantly! And consistently! And men will marvel, and like it was said then; so shall it be said now; “Nay! We have never seen it so in Israel!” And men will say in this hour, “Nay! We have never seen it so in the Church!” And it will be done through vessels of humility, vessels that will not use it for profit. They will not use it for the lust of the flesh; they will not use it for the pride of life; they will not use for the lust of the eyes, but they will use it only for My glory. And they will use it only to draw men to the Church, so that they too will get born again. For they will come from the north, and from the east, and from the west, and say: “Whence is this? Are these men?” And we will say, “Yes! They are men, just like you; but men that have God in them; men that are manifesting the fullness of God!” For the fullness of this life will be made manifest not only in the spirit as it has been done, but in the soul, in the mind, and in the will, in the emotion and in the physical body. Yes! And all the earth will see it together.”

“So, press in,” saith the Spirit. “Press in, in honesty, press in, in humility, press in, in discipline, press in, in labour! Labour in the Word, labour in the Spirit, labour in prayer and I will reward you richly with the power of the Spirit without measure; with life and life more abundantly, and you will be a marvel; to yourself, to the Church and to the world,” saith the Spirit.