Blessed Are They That Believe Before They See
A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 25th August 2010

“Blessed are they who have believed but have not seen. Blessed are they whose eyes are open to see the coming of the Lord. Blessed are they that see Him that is invisible. Blessed are they that see the presence of the Lord.”

For thus saith the Spirit, even as my glory, yea! The manifest presence of My person and My glory come forth in the earth that all men will see it together, even in this hour. blessed are they who celebrate My coming, who celebrate My presence before they see anything and it is them that shall be the first of the first fruits. Yea, like John of old they would be the ones that will hear My heart beat and they will be the ones that will be at the vanguard and at the front stage of that which I do in the earth.”

“For they are celebrating Me before others can see. Yes! saith the Spirit, “Blessed are they that believe before they see.”

“Yes! saith the Spirit, “Come! Come! Come! Come near unto the throne of grace. Fill your heart with My Word, fill your heart with the light of My life, and you will begin to see that which others do not see and you will begin to see and you will begin to celebrate My presence and you will begin to celebrate My coming and it is to you, that do this, saith the Spirit that I will open My heart , it them that will be the first, of the first, of the first fruits, that will show forth My glory to this generation, saith the Lord.”