A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 22nd of April, 2012

For thus saith Sprit of God: “I have been misrepresented. Yea! Men have seen a wrong picture of Me. For many on the earth do not know Me. Yea! They do not understand Me, neither do they know My character and what I really am like.”

“And therefore, I say unto you, “you will arise in this day and this hour; you will carry the banner of My character, the banner of My love, the banner of My righteousness and the banner of My justice that men will see Me as I truly am.”  For even as the Father sent Jesus, even so now I send you, so that when they see you, they will see Me in you. And they will see that love, and they will see that righteousness, and they will see that justice, and they will see that wisdom, and they will see that glory, and they will see that power, and they will see that wealth. Yes! They will see I AM that I AM visiting the earth again. Yes! Yes! Yes! My heart throbs for My glory; that My glory may be revealed in all the earth. Yes! That the whole earth be filled with the knowledge of My glory as the waters cover  the sea.”

“Arise! Arise! Arise!”saith the Spirit, “And represent Me properly, that men see Me as I truly am,” saith the Lord.