Wisdom Greater Than Solomon
(Sunday 23rd July 2001)
Prophecy by Olubi Johnson

For I am raising up even now, saith the Lord, a Daniel within My church that will have in them the wisdom of Christ that will even exceed the wisdom of Solomon, for even as Solomon was a marvel to his generation and men came from the South even the Queen of the South came to see and to hear the wisdom of Solomon, so shall men come in this day and in this hour unto My house even My house in Zion that is upon My holy hill and they will come, and they will come and see and hear of the wisdom that is greater than that of Solomon.

Yes, from out of My Church will come solutions to scientific problems, solutions to political problems, solutions to economic problems, solutions to environmental problems, solutions to problems that have plagued and drained the hearts and spirits of men hitherto.

Yes, I will raise up – and I am raising up even now in this day and hour -those whose wisdom will excel the wisdom of the East and even all of the wisdom of Egypt and I will do great and mighty things and all the resources, yea, the forces of the gentiles will be converted unto thee and they will come and they will bow down and they will make supplication unto thee and say, “surely God is in thee”. Therefore seek My wisdom with an honest heart for wisdom cometh unto the lowly, saith the Lord.