Zion Breaking Nigeria and all Nations
A Prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson 15/06/05


The word of the Lord has come to me saying, speak thou unto this people, Yea, son of man prophesy unto this Nation. I will make Nigeria a model and I will make Nigeria an example saith your God.



For I will raise up a virgin Church, Yea a Zion Church, Yea a Joseph company, that will arise in this land in purity, in love, in glory, in power, in wisdom and in prosperity.



And I will cause them to break the nation. Yea they shall break the Pharaohs of the land and they shall break the Nebuchadnezzars of the land and they shall cause My kingdom, Yea My dominion to come and My will to be done and righteousness shall reign in this land.



For that which you have seen on the political scene is just a little drop in the bucket of that which I have in store.



For as righteousness exalts my Church, as the flood of judgement comes and the people in the Church learn righteousness then it shall distil to the rest of the nation and the politicians and the people of the land would learn righteousness. For the scepter of My kingdom is a scepter of righteousness and I have stretched it forth over the land and Nigeria shall bow and Nigeria shall break and righteousness shall exalt this nation.



Yea My goodness, My blessing, My prosperity, My wisdom, My glory and My greatness shall be made manifest in the land and it shall be a model for all the world to see and they shall come from the north and they shall come from the south and they shall come from the east and they shall come from the west to witness and to see that which I have done in this land and people will say “if it can happen in Nigeria, it can happen in any nation.”



And Christians will come and My people will come and they will learn that which I have taught you here and they will take it: For out of Zion shall go forth the law and the word of the Lord from Zion and from Jerusalem. And they shall go to the ends of the earth and nation, after nation, after nation will bow to the scepter of My righteousness, for the Church in these lands will do the same things that have been done here and they will cause, My righteousness to be exalted, And so shall the gospel of the kingdom be preached unto all nations of the world, even nations where hitherto the gate has been closed, hitherto where doors have been locked and men have been stubborn. I will break the nations and I will cause My will to be done and My kingdom to come from nation, to nation, to nation, to nation, to nation, by the power of My spirit.



Therefore, even now, prepare yourself for this great deluge of power, for this great deluge of glory, for this great deluge of My presence that will come to the Church and then to the nations.



And you will bind the princes at your pleasure and you will teach the senators wisdom: For the wisdom that is in my Church will go down to the politicians and will go down to nations and they will rule in righteousness.



For this is My hour, for this is My day, for this is My purpose and I will do it. Yea the zeal of the Lord of hosts will perform it, saith the Lord.