My Kingdom is Coming to the Nations of the World
A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson 19/06/05

For the time has come, saith God, where I would bring forth decrees from My Church through the mouths of My true servants. Yea, My prophets and My apostles. And they shall speak forth My counsel and they shall speak forth My wisdom and they shall speak forth My will concerning their nation. Not only in this nation Nigeria, saith God, but also in other nations. Yea, in all nations. For in this day it is My purpose to raise a Zion Church in every nation. And as I raise that Zion Church, they will speak and they will declare My word and they will declare My counsel.


As they declare My word and they declare My counsel and they declare My wisdom my power will back up that which they say and so will I break the pride of the political Pharaohs and I will break the oppression of the economic Pharaohs that have kept people in oppression and in bondage for years; yea, decades, yea, centuries. I will break them and I will release forth My wisdom and that wisdom will teach the politicians wisdom; It will bind senators like Joseph of old and so rule the nations of the world, in this hour.


But this will not be so, if I do not have an interceding Church. For I have said in My word, when you will put away iniquity far from the tabernacle then shall you decree a thing and it shall be established.


For your decrees, your prophetic and apostolic decrees to work, you need to stay before My face and seek Me in prayer like Daniel of old, and seek Me in love, and seek Me in intercession, and seek Me in repentance, and seek Me in worship. For as My Word said “if My people which are call by My name shall humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways and seek My face, then will I hear from heaven and heal their land.”


Yea, the challenge is to you in this hour, saith the Spirit, for you to arise, arise, arise in strength, arise in intercession and let not your hand be slack in battle, saith the Spirit, for the battle is not yours, it is Mine but you are My battle axe.