A Prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on the 11th March, 2007

 You love Me, saith the Lord, because I first loved you and I gave My Son and I gave My blood and I gave My Word and I gave My Spirit to you as an expression, as a manifestation, as a demonstration of this love.



Now, in this hour and in this day, as you reciprocate that love by doing My will, by keeping My commandments; then will I manifest, yea, I will show forth unto the sons of men in this generation, how much I love you. For the hidden things that eye hath not seen, ear hath not heard that has not even enter into the hearts of men and that has been reserved for them that I love shall be brought forth in this hour.



Yea, walk with Me as you have been doing, even with greater and greater diligence with the heart of love, with the heart of humility, and My wisdom will flow as has never been seen before: greater than the wisdom of Solomon. My glory will flow, My skill and My ability will flow, you will be a wonder to yourself and to your generation and I will bring forth great secrets, and I will bring forth great wealth and I will bring forth great resources. Yea, My kingdom and My dominion will be made manifest, My will will be done on earth as it is in heaven, and so shall the gospel of the kingdom be preached unto all nations, unto all tribes in this hour by this wisdom and these resources that I will release to and through them that truly love Me.



So as you worship, as you sing, as you honor Me, let it not be only in song, but translate it into action: the keeping of My commandments, watching and praying, walking in love, that truly that love wherewith I have loved thee be made manifest unto men and they will come and they will bow, yes, even at your feet and they will say, ‘surely God is in thee’ and they will know that I have loved you, because they will see that which I have done in, through and¬¨‚Ć for thee, saith the Spirit.



Even now I release wisdom, wisdom, wisdom to prosper, wisdom to excel, wisdom for excellence in whatever you do, saith the Spirit. Let the mark of excellence, let the excellence of heaven be the hallmark, let it be the stamp of My approval upon all that you do that men will know that you are Mine.



Even now, I release that wisdom into the air, into your mind, into your body, into your soul to bring skill, understanding that you might excel in all that you do.



Receive this wisdom now, saith the Lord. For I will have a people that will demonstrate the excellencies of My glory to this generation, saith the Lord