The Greatest Thing in the Earth is Knowing Me
A Prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 9th September, 2009

For those who draw nigh to know Me, know Me in their spirits, know Me in their souls and know Me in their physical bodies, even them will I cause to become icons upon the earth in this hour. And as I am lifted up in them, I would draw all men unto Me, and the desire of all nations shall be turned unto Me; and men will seek after and strive to become like Me, and to know Me, as they see that which I do through these icons that I will raise up in this third day. And it shall be said, that that which was said by the prophet should be fulfilled: Let us go to the mountain of the house of God and He will teach us His ways.


For the law of God will come out of Zion and many shall come; many nations shall be joined unto Me in this day, and men all around the world will follow the example of these first fruits, even these icons, and they will say, We too want to become like God; we too want to know God.


Therefore, saith the Spirit, yes, as I have positioned you in this place, seek after Me, get to know Me. For the greatest thing in this earth is knowing Me. For when you know Me and you become like Me, you will become an icon; you will become a centre to which men will be drawn. For I have said in My Word, when I am lifted up in you: lifted up in knowledge, lifted up in My humility, lifted up in My wisdom, lifted up in My power, then through you, by My Spirit, I will draw all men unto Me.