Stay Positioned, for My Glory Is Dripping Down

A Prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on the 20th September, 2009

For with the lowly is wisdom, saith the Lord. With the lowly is wisdom. As your mind remains lowly; as you humble yourselves before My Word; as you recognise, saith the Spirit, that the Word you hold in your hand is the Word of the Creator of the universe; It is the Word of Him who made the heavens and the earth; It is the Word of Him who knows all things; then you would treat that Word with reverence, and you would treat it with respect. And you will humble yourselves in the light of that Word, knowing that the Word is truth, knowing that that Word has been written by Him who knows all things, and you will accept everything in the Word and not just that which is convenient, not that which agrees with your thoughts before hand, but that which is written, even the instructions therein.


As you do this, as you humble yourselves, light and wisdom will percolate. It will percolate from the Head; and it will percolate through the leadership; and it will percolate down like it did with Aaron, and it will come down to everyone. And you will receive light, you will receive wisdom, and you will receive revelation. And no longer will you walk in darkness, but you will know the hope of your calling, and you will know the riches of the glory of your inheritance, and you will know that the exceeding greatness of the power that raised Jesus from the dead is available to you today.


You will be filled with the knowledge of my will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding, and you will begin to see what I see; you will feel what I feel; and you do the works that Jesus did, and even greater works, in this day. And then shall come to pass that which is written that, These signs and wonders will follow them that believe. And signs and wonders will follow you, even from the least to the very greatest. Yes! Instantaneous healings, instantaneous deliverances will be the order of the day saith the Spirit.


I will show forth myself in great glory and in great power, not only in works of healings and deliverances, but I will show forth great wisdom; I will show forth great skill, and I will show forth great ability that will create wealth that has never been seen upon the earth today. And men, women, boys and girls shall rush into mount Zion. And they shall say, Let us go to Zion, the mountain of the house of the Lord; let us go, for there we will learn light, and there we will learn of wisdom, and there we will learn of glory, and there we will learn of power. For My power! My power! My power! will be made manifest in a way that has never been seen up till this time, saith the Lord.


Therefore I say unto you, stay lowly, stay humble, and crucify the flesh: crucify pride, crucify stubbornness, crucify rebellion, and crucify wickedness. Crucify all the lusts of the flesh and the lusts of the eyes. For that which I give you is greater; the joy and pleasure you have in me is greater than any lust of the flesh; it is greater than any other thing that the enemy can offer. For greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. The key, saith the Spirit, is humility.


I hear the word of the Lord come to me further saying, Son of man, say to your people, and speak unto My church, and say unto them: the day cometh and now is upon you, when babies, even those newly born again, will do great and mighty works; the day is upon you when healings and deliverances, instantaneous deliverances, instantaneous healings would be the order of the day.


Babies will be doing that, while little children and the young men will do instant spectacular miracles: the blind will see, the lame will walk, and it will be a common thing. Those that are young men and fathers will raise the dead with such frequency and such commonness of occurrence that many will come to Zion when people die, and they will say, Let us take them to Zion. And like I did with the widow of Nain, I will say, through you, Son of man, get up! Get up! And they will arise, in the gaze and eye glare of the whole world! And men will say, Surely we have never so seen it in Israel. From the babies, to the little children, to the young men and to the fathers, My glory will be upon the entire body, in this hour.


Stay humble, stay positioned, for My glory is now dripping down, It is dripping down from the head to the rest of the body, saith the Lord.