The Day of ‘Seeing Me Face To Face’ Has Come

A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on the 20th of May, 2007.

For the day of seeing Me face to face has come. Saith the Spirit.



Yes! It is My desire that you no longer see through a glass darkly, even the darkness of the carnal mind, but that you see Me face to face, that you see Me as I truly am and that day has come.



As you press in by the blood, by the Word and by the Spirit, yea, even by My life, will you begin to see Me clearly even by revelation through My Word. You will speak the word and it shall be so. For the day of the synchronization of My truth has come; for that which I reveal will be manifest even instantly as it is being revealed in this day and hour.



So press in, saith the Holy Ghost, press in, press in, even from the outer court into the holy place and from holy place into the most holy place, into the very presence of My Shekinah Glory and there will I meet with thee. There will I commune with thee and there will I reveal unto thee, hidden things that have been hidden from the foundation of the world, things that have been hidden in My word. My manifold wisdom shall be brought forth in this hour as you begin to see Me face to face.



So draw not back, for you are not of them that draw back unto perdition, but press on, press on toward the mark, for the prize of the high calling, press on to perfection, press on to the glory, press on to the throne and there will I meet with you, saith the Lord. There will I open unto you, the secrets of the universe. Things that have bewildered men, bewildered scientists, bewildered the people of your age: for the god of this world has assaulted this age with hell’s weapons, with hell’s onslaught, and with hell’s wickedness. The minds and the emotions of men have been bullied by the enemy, but you will bring peace, you will bring righteousness, you will bring relief, you will bring restoration, you will bring healing, as you hear from heaven and that which you hear, you will download into the earth and you will speak it forth and men shall see; you will speak it forth and My Spirit will act upon it. Yea, I will watch over that word to perform it and not a word that you speak will fall to the ground. I will do all, yea, exceedingly abundantly above that which you ask or think and men shall see that truly God is in thee.