Fear Not and Doubt Not 
A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on the 27th June, 2007

Doubt is not mine, fear is not mine, and timidity is not mine. Fear not and doubt not.

Have I not proven? Have not I shown thee that I love thee? Have I not shown to thee time and time and time and time again that you can rely on Me?


Therefore, even at this critical juncture, doubt not. Doubt not My love in the middle of problems, doubt not My love in the middle of difficulties, doubt not My love even when it seems as if I will slay thee, doubt not My integrity, but trust Me with all your heart and walk with Me.


Yea, stay in the place of prayer; for it is through intercession, through prayer, through walking in love that  I will walk in you and through you and for you to cause all things, even the things that the enemy has done, even the things that have been done unjustly, I will cause them all together to work for your good.


Fear not and doubt not, saith the Lord