My Presence is Real
A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 23rd March 2005.

My Presence is real saith the Lord.



It is not an imagination, it is a reality and My Presence is with thee always; for have I not said that I will be with thee always even unto the end of the world.



Is it not written that if you keep My word and keep My commandments, Me and My Father will come and will make our abode with you.



My Presence is an ever increasing reality and I will have thee plug into that Presence. Not only here in church but everywhere and every time cultivate the reality of My Presence.



Set Me at your right hand always. See Me that is invisible and the joy of My Presence, the strength of My Presence, the light of My Presence, the power of My Presence will be made manifest unto thee; and that which is a mystery unto men shall be plain unto thee.



For I will show thee things to come and hidden treasures of secret places will I make known unto thee and that which will take men tens of years to do, you will do in a year or two and that which will take men so much time and energy and effort to do, you will do with ease and you will do with simplicity and humility, and so shall My glory, and My wealth, and My power and My healing be your portion and so shall you become a vessel of mercy and a channel of blessing not only to the church, but also to the world and to your generation.



Live in My Presence for My Presence is real.