Glory of God over Nigeria
A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on the 1st of February 2005.

The weight of My glory is hanging over this land and My glory will be released into the land as rivers of life. So I will turn sin into righteousness, I will turn darkness into light and I will turn them from corruption unto integrity, for I will do this by the weight of My glory that is hanging all over the land, even now.

Therefore, open up to Me saith the Lord, open up to Me in truth, and open up to Me in honesty, and open up to Me in humility, and open up to Me in love, and open up to Me in intercession. For thou art the vessels; for thou art My battle axe, thou art the conduit and thou art the passage, and thou art the way through which the glory that hangs over the land would be released into the land; in forces of life and rivers of life that will bring forth My will and that will cause My kingdom and My dominion to come in the land.For My glory hangs over the land.