A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on the 4th July 2005.
(Concerning Nigeria)

Indeed, I am the Almighty God and I am the great I am, so son of man prophesy and say unto these people.

Before they can plunge the nation into violence; the trauma of violence and the civil unrest, I will strike saith the Lord. I will strike the proud in the North, I will strike the covetous and the greedy in the South East, and I will strike the violent in the South South and all men shall acknowledge and shall see that it is My hand that has done this.

Yea, fear shall come from the North to the South and fear shall come from East to the West and men by My judgement that is in the earth, men will come to know Me. For is it not written and has it not been said that by the judgement of the Lord shall He be known, so I will be known even by the heathen and the heathen shall acknowledge that this is My hand.

And so by humility, by dialogue, and by kindness, and by love shall come equity, then will come justice and then will come My will and My counsel to be fulfilled in the nation.

Yea, My will concerning resource control, and My will concerning political leadership and My will concerning social and economic harmony shall be established in the land.

I will move by My hand, I will move by My strength, I will move by My power and men shall see and they shall acknowledge that it is Me.