Behold The Lamb
A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on the 10th July, 2005


In your heart, behold the Lamb; in your life, behold the Lamb.

Yea, for it is those whose hearts are set upon the Lamb that He will keep in perfect peace. And I will have thee known that I return in this hour in glory, in majesty and in power in Zion.


For I arise and I exalt Myself, saith the Lord, even over the nations. For the nations are in My hands and I will rule and I will reign with the rod of strength that I stretch forth now out of Zion.


I will rule by My power, I will rule by My wisdom and I will rule by My love and I will rule by My justice. And all the ends of the earth shall see My glory together and they shall behold My majesty and they shall acknowledge, even as Pharaoh of old, and they shall acknowledge as Nebuchadnezzar of old acknowledged that I am the Lord God and there is none like Me. For I will be known by the judgement that I will execute upon the heathen even in this hour.


Behold the Lamb, saith the Spirit. Yea, let Him be the focus of your heart, let Him be the focus of your mind, and let Him be the focus of your thoughts. Behold the Lamb; for He cometh, saith the Lord